"No Makeup" Makeup 101

How To Achieve The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Hey Beauties, 

Can you believe it is already mid September?! Time is flying by and unfortunately, the summer is coming to a close which means tans are going to start to fade along with it.  But, while they’re still around for the next few weeks it is the perfect opportunity to try out one of this summers trendiest makeup looks!  That’s right, you guessed it, the “no makeup” makeup look has been making appearances everywhere!  I am a such strong believer of inner beauty stealing the show and this look has always been a daily go-to for me! I am so excited to share with you how I get my “no makeup” makeup look!  Before I jump right into it, it’s best to remember that this look is centered more around the order of the steps you are doing and not the amount of steps, since simplicity is key!



Taking care of my skin has become such a staple in my self care routine and I highly recommend it to everyone.  I recommend everyone to use a gentle moisturizing cleanser and get facials periodically! Following all cleansing, I make sure to use a great moisturizer in order to avoid my skin drying out! Let’s put it this way, the better your skin’s texture is, the less makeup you will need to apply which ends up saving you both time and money! It’s a win win!


The next step is to get the face primed as a base for further application!


I then apply concealer to correct all my visible blemishes and under eye areas!


Next, is my favorite step in my routine! I am OBSESSED with airbrushing.  So naturally, I have worked it into my everyday makeup routine.  I use the Temptu Air Brush and highly recommend to any one looking to revamp their daily foundation routine.  Keep in mind that if airbrushing isn’t for you this step can also be substituted with your typical tinted moisturizer or foundation!  Just keep in mind that these should be applied very lightly so that you don’t over power your skin.


For this step, most women would be plucking, tweezing, shaping, and filling in their brows.  But, for me, I can skip all of the above steps. Why you ask?! Because microblading has changed my life and has the power to change yours also! I believe that brows could be the best or worst accessory to your face and we must choose wisely!  If you’re looking to simplify your brow routine and achieve your dream brows be sure to click here to learn more about our services! If you like what you see come on in and let us change your brows for the better!


Fortunately for me, because I have lash extensions, this step isn’t necessary.  I love my lashes, they give me such a natural glam look and they’re so effortless.  The best part about having lashes is that after I airbrush my makeup routine is pretty much complete.  If you’re interested in ditching the eyelash curler and tubes of mascara, head over and book your appointment here!  

Minimal Lip

For this look, I typically like to just give my lips a healthy moisturized look instead of going in with a bold color.  This can be achieved by using even the simplest drug store chap sticks!

So Beauties, I hope you find my tips helpful and get a chance to try out this look! If you are interested in any of the above services be sure to to click here to learn more and schedule an appointment!