Beautycon Blast

Beautycon Rundown 2019


Hey BEAUTIES! Guess who just went to the West Coast for the very first time!? That’s right, I did, and think I finally understand why everyone says, “West Coast Best Coast” after all!

This trip was nothing shy of outstanding.  Not only did I get to see California in person, but I was also able to go to Beautycon during my time in LA.  Let’s just say I’m still speechless.  Simply put, attending Beautycon is a right right of passage for anyone in my profession and after hearing about it from colleagues for years it was finally my opportunity to see it for myself! It was everything you would have imagined it to be.  A place filled with the most Instagrammable photo ops and some of the most prestigious artists and beauty brands all under one roof! 

However, the weekend wasn’t only filled with glitter and Instagram posts.  As you know, education and perfecting my craft are two very important things to me.  I want to be able to provide my clients with the very best and I went to Beautycon on a mission to gather some outside knowledge that would help me do so in the future.  After attending many seminars, seeing Tyra Banks, and jumping in a ball pit, I can assure all my clients that we are currently using everything top notch. 

That being said, I did get the chance to touch and feel some new products from Per.plex Beauty that I will definitely be introducing once I return to Richmond!  The eye shadow pallets featuring bold colors, deep pigments, and beautiful packaging caught my eye in particular.  They will definitely be making their way back to Richmond with me, stay tuned, I can’t wait to share them with you all!


Beautycon Takeaways

  • Unmeasurable energy from everyone pushing each other to be better

  • A couple of celebrity appearances *cough cough I know we made eye contact Tyra*

  • Tons of Instagrammable places

  • All the latest trends

  • Cutting edge techniques 

To conclude, I loved my time spent at Beautycon! Spending time with creative, like minded people and exploring new ways to express our passion for the beauty industry was truly inspiring. It was a valuable reminder for why I do what I do everyday!