A Lash Into The Past Pt. VI | Get The Mod Look! | Luxe Lashes

Get the mod look, beauties. 

When it comes to makeup of the 1960s, Twiggy, the London model, always comes to my mind! Big eyes, matte skin, and subtle lips were the signatures looks during the sixties. But the most popular among them? To accentuate the eyes, thick winged liner became the popular trend of the day. A thick line following the natural shape of the eye, keeping close to the lash line was the way to accomplish this look, finished off with a cat-eye flick to open the eye. 

Eyeshadows trended on the cooler tones like gray, blue and white. This subtle trend offered the perfect contract to showcase the bold eyeliner and lashes of the day! What distinguished the 1960s eyeshadow, however, was the cut crease. This is where the lid of the eye was carved out with precision using an alternative eyeshadow color.

A famous photoshoot with Twiggy in the 1960s showed her wearing false lashes on her upper and bottom lashes. If women could not get their hands on falsies, they would use layers and layers of mascara to accomplish this mod look — long, spidery lashes!

Contouring and highlighters were left in the makeup drawers during the 1960s. Instead, women favored a less-is-more pale, matte finish. Again, this was to off-set the dramatic eye and make it pop! Blush was soft and peachy. 

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Caroline Kalentzos