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It is beginning to be that time of year again, beauties. Still dark when you wake up in the mornings, you find yourself hitting snooze on the alarm clock a little more. The urge to sleep-in is strong! But that is one of my favorite things about microblading and lash extensions. They save so much time in the mornings getting ready! Wake up, add some lip gloss and you are good to go! Especially when given the proper after-care, microblading and lash extensions are one of the best investments you can make this season.

I want to share my guide for ‘Eyelash Extension’ Aftercare with you! And the best part? Luxe Lashes makes it easier for you by incorporating our very own line of aftercare products into our guide! When you book an appointment with us, we like to make sure your beauty experience is as comprehensive as possible. (Read: no getting lost in the aisles of Target or Sephora trying to figure it out on your own!) Next time you’re in the studio, pick up a Complete LUXE Aftercare !

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Your natural eyelashes should remain dry and free of makeup for a minimum of 48 hours. This would be ideal to allow the adhesive properly to bond to a dry eyelash (soggy eyelashes do not make for a good adhesion).

• Do not use regular or waterproof mascara. Most brands of mascara contain chemical properties and oils that will break down the adhesive. Removing mascara from your lashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely as well. If you want to further enhance your lash extensions, we have a specially formulated Protective Coating that is ideal for sealing your extensions while adding luster and shine.

• Take special care around the eye area when cleansing your face. Gently remove eye makeup with our Luxe Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and cleanse the eye area with our Luxury Lash Bath. Do not scrub or rub your eyes. Avoid any type of oil-based product around the eyes. Again, the oils will break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off. Resuming with normal activities is ok (i.e. - face washing). When possible, it is best to wait up to 12 hours.

• Never use a clamp-style eyelash curler on your extensions. This can permanently damage not only the extensions, but your natural eyelashes as well. Our Flutter Lash Wands are great for grooming your lashes every morning and as needed throughout the day.

• Avoid extreme variation of heat, humidity, and cold weather (i.e. – hot showers, saunas, zero degree weather), your extensions can last longer. Normal activities like swimming, can resume 48 hours after the appointment.

•. Good sleeping habits while wearing eyelash extensions is the key to longevity.

Our 3D lightweight, Lash Mask has a dome over each eye to help prevent clients from dragging their lashes on their pillow case and causing premature fall out.

• Be sure to schedule a Re-lash appointment every 2 to 3 weeks for timely touch-ups. This will keep your lashes looking full and natural, indefinitely. Ask about our VIP Lash Membership!

• Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself. Have them removed by your professional Luxe Lashes Beauty Studios stylist.

Caroline Kalentzos