The Art of Doing Nothing | Words of Advice | Luxe Lashes

The art of doing nothing, nowadays, is truly something you have to put your mind to. It is an art! You have to deliberately put aside time, rid yourself of distraction, and commit yourself to it. Especially in today’s over-informed world, busyness is glorified. If what you are doing is not post-able, if there is no social advantage to it or visibly productivity coming from it, it is stigmatized as lazy. Well, beauties. I am here to put an end to that. 

This technically could fall into the “self-care” genre. But yoga, manis, pedis…all of that is still doing something. Girl, I am talking about sleep-in, sweatpants-wearing-days where you literally just chill. That is what I call doing nothing and it is great. And I am not the only one who thinks so! The Italians even have an old saying that goes, “La Dolce Far Niente,” the sweetness of doing nothing. 

A while ago I had one of these days for the first time in a while, and at the beginning, I noticed this overwhelming feeling of guilt. I had to stop myself and ask where that was coming from. “Hold up, Arielle. You are at home. Living your own private life. Who on earth cares what I am doing right now except for myself?!” 

It is so important to disconnect, beauties. More and more these days, I am trying to make the effort to do so. When I do, I feel an overwhelming sense of rest that supplies me with a refreshed power to conquer my time. I am sharing these words to encourage you to do the same. Or let you know about something that brings me sanity in hopes it is something that will do the same for you, beauty.

Art fills the soul. For me? Doing nothing does exactly that! (And when you're done doing nothing, stop by the studio for some beauty self-care! Book an appointment here!)

Caroline Kalentzos