Lash & Brunch Recap | A Quarterly Affair! | Luxe Lashes

I have a dream, beauties.

Yes, I know those are not the most original words ever, but regardless! As I enter my late-twenties, more and more, I am learning the truth and power behind the idea that “where two or more are gathered,” powerful things happen. 

A couple weeks ago, we held our first ever Lash and Brunch Sunday. Women, beautiful on both the inside and out, came together at the new Luxe Lashes location in Stony Point Fashion Park. We sipped on mimosas. We dined on brunch time favorites. We got our lashes done. Three simples activities brought so much joy to one studio! 

The following week felt a little lighter, and I think that Sunday sparked a little fire in me! I loved providing a place for beauties to bond over the things they love! Women are relational beings who easily get caught up in two particular types of relations: their immediate family  and/or their work. It is so easy to get caught up in your routine, tending to the people in your immediate life, talking about the same things day in and day out. But hold up, beauty! I know you have more on your mind than that! Let’s get together and talk about it!

Moving forward, my dream is to hold these Lash and Brunch Sundays once a quarter. Luxe Lashes is all about the Look Good Live Luxe life — that includes conversation, laughter, good food, beauty, and bubbly!