Airbrush Makeup: We've Got You Covered!

At Luxe Lashes, the "airbrushed" look is just an appointment away!

“That’s so airbrushed!” I remember flipping through magazines, wishfully admiring the flawless appearance of the models' makeup page after page. In effort to console ourselves, my friends and I would flip through critically claiming, “That’s SO airbrushed!,” as if it were fake, something entirely unachievable in this world. (Despite our doubts, we would of course flip through still setting that image in our minds as #makeupgoals.)

Well, gone are the days of the airbrush look translating to photoshop. The airbrush look is entirely attainable! That flawless glow isn’t just for the magazines, beauties, it’s for you! Here are a few things we LOVE about Airbrush makeup:

  1. Less is more! Because of the spray technique, a little amount of makeup goes a long way! No more piling on foundation to the point of looking like a pancake! Airbrushing accomplishes the full coverage look in the most natural way!
  2. It lasts! Most airbrush makeup is silicone based. No amount of hugs and kisses can smear it away. (Read: perfect for a summer wedding!) 
  3. We are committed to keeping your skin looking fresh by using only high-quality and natural products. What we love about airbrush makeup is that, instead of seeping into your pours and clogging them, airbrush makeup allows your skin to breath. Goodbye breakouts!
  4. It’s buildable. You can apply a thin layer for a natural day-time look (nobody ever said you need a reason to dress up and make up!) And for the evening you can add another layer for that statement look!

What you should know? We want to ensure the most optimum results! Airbrush makeup sits best on a face that’s cleaned and deeply moisturized! At Luxe Lashes, we’re here to make that flawless look possible by making it convenient and accessible!

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Xo, the Look Good Live Luxe Beauties

Caroline Kalentzos