Lift + Tint at Luxe Lashes | The Best of Both Beauty Worlds! | Look Good Live Luxe

Curious about Lash Lift and Tints?! Arielle Davis, owner and founder of Luxe Lashes in Richmond, Va., is so excited to announce their newest service!

I am SO excited to share with all of my lash beauties that Luxe Lashes will be launching our lash lift + tint service this month! Everywhere you google, you find articles that read, “lash lift + tints vs. lash extensions,” pivoting the two against one another. But the beauty world is already so subjective. It is unreal to think the opinion of one rules the preferences of many. So, at Luxe Lashes we are more than happy to offer the best of both worlds and be your one stop shop for lift + tints and lash extensions!

Unlike lash extensions, lash lifts + tints are a natural way to amplify your lashes. Similar to a perm, the process involves a chemical solution that sets your lashes into a curled shape. The technician lifts your lashes and sticks them to a silicone shield on which the solution is applied to set the shape. The solution acts as a softener, allowing your lashes to mold to this new, lifted shape! After a period of six to 12 minutes, a setting solution is applied, hardening your lashes and reinforcing their new shape. 

Lash lift + tints last anywhere from six to eight weeks before you need to have them re-done. Unlike lash extensions, you can wear mascara after 24 hours of your treatment. You also do not have to be as cautious with getting your lashes wet or only sleeping on your side!

For my beauties who want a more customized look with different curls, lengths and thickness, lash extensions are for you! But for my beauties who prefer to amplify what they already have, book your first lift + tint with Luxe Lashes here! Booking I will be available next week!