A Lash Into The Past Pt. V | The Introduction of Style! | Luxe Lashes

Arielle Davis, founder and CEO Luxe Lashes in Richmond, Va., takes a look into the makeup styles of the 1950s!

I think what I love most about the next decade of our Lash Into the Past series is the development of style. I’m talking about the 1950s! It was the post-war boom and America was celebrating! Advertising turned from the practical to inspiring visions of what could be. Futuristic homes and cars, modernized appliances. More and more, women were entering the workforce and they did so with style! (Picture Mad Men!)

Style is all about creating and expressing something unique to you. Prior to the 1940s, women used what was available to rouge their lips and highlight their cheeks. But the booming economy of the 1950s brought in more makeup industries. The new competition required innovation! This meant more colors, more textures and more fun! Hello, palettes! Instead of sticking to colors that matched or complimented one’s skin and hair colors, women now how the options to match her lips or eyeshadow to her dress, purse or gloves! 

Elizabeth Taylor, for example, used lavender eyeshadow to bring out those famous cat eyes of hers! Women began playing with contour, sculpting their cheekbones. Eyebrows returned to a darker, arched shape (a nod back to the 1920s!). Hazel Bishop, a makeup company, introduced the first non-smear lip stick and pink lips ruled the day! Audrey Hepburn once declared that she ” believed in pink!” and who could argue with Audrey? 

Stay-tuned for the 1960s, beauty!

Caroline Kalentzos