How Safe Are Lash Extensions | Ask the Experts! | Luxe Lashes

Arielle Davis, founder and owner of Luxe Lashes, a beauty studio in Richmond, Va., answers all your questions when it comes to lash extension safety!

The answer to the question, “How safe are lash extensions?,” ultimately comes down to your lash artist. Lash extensions are a tedious process that do require a high level of training. This involves being able to evaluate the structure of a client’s natural lash, and knowing how much weight they can handle. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I always recommend sticking to the lash artist who will tell you, “No!” when you ask for a certain look. Let me explain…

So many clients come in asking for a high-glam, dramatic look which implies a heavier false lash set. But if your lashes are short and/or thick, the weight of the false lash will break you natural lash. A certified lash artist values quality and honest service, that’s why they go through training and certification! To learn how they can do their very best. They understand it is their job to evaluate what your lash can and can not handle. It’s their job to be honest and tell you “no!” and provide an option that works for your natural lash.

Lash application is a tedious process that requires so much precision. An unlicensed, uncertified, or even inexperienced lash artist often applies one false lash to three or four natural lashes, often creating a clump and chasing your natural lash to break and fall out. 

If and when problems do occur after lash application, most often it is due to an allergic reaction to the glue. Some adhesives can contain formaldehyde, which is known to trigger allergic reactions. An experienced lash artist will ask you if you have any known allergies, but never be afraid to ask to look at the ingredient list!

Always do a bit of research before booking an appointment with any lash artist. Do they have a good reputation? Do they have certification? Do they have an actual space (and not performing the service from their house)? 

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Caroline Kalentzos