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Arielle Davis, founder and owner of Luxe Lashes, shares her top THREE go-to It Works! products!

They say, “You are what you repeatedly do.” Our habits are what shape us! Literally — each of my go-to It Works! products have helped so much in keeping me in shape. People laugh because my routine is so unshakeable. I have found what makes me feel good! Why wouldn’t I keep it up?! When you find what works, motivation and consistency become second nature. So, what works for me?! Keep reading to learn more about my three favorite It Works! products!

First loves first, the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator™. This body contouring wrap never ceases to amaze me! You know those days when you are just not feeling it? More aware of how everything is fitting and feeling? Those are the days when I use this wrap. It tightens, tone and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes. I will cut it up and wrap it around my arms, my thighs…wherever! 

Next up? It Works! Hair Skin Nails. This is how I know I can get those extra vittamins, minerals and plant-based nutrients into my day. Especially as we get older, paying attention to those micro-nutrients is so important! Hair Skin Nails “enhances your own natural collagen and keratin production, supports healthy cell growth and boosts your body’s free radical fighting defenses!” All I can say is that my hair stays shine and strong, my nails do not break, and my skin glows!

Last but certainly not least, It Works! Keto Coffee™. Rise and shine to what It Works! Iikes to call, “Scientific Carb Management.” Yes, please! In addition to the energy boost, I have noticed how much this coffee helps curb my appetite and keeps me feeling full.

I can't wait to try It Works!' newest product, CollagenWorks™. Be the first to try it with me and sign up here!

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Caroline Kalentzos