Meghan Markle's Natural Beauty | Bridal Makeup | Luxe Lashes

Less can be more! Arielle Davis, owner and founder of Luxe Lashes in Richmond, Va. celebrates the natural beauty of the royal bride!

The royal wedding celebrated SO much more than the love between two individuals. It celebrated two once rivaled countries, bound together through marriage. It celebrated the first black woman to marry into the royal family, the first once-divorced woman marrying into the royal family! We’ve come a long way from “Off with her head!” 

I am in awe of such a woman capable of breaking such barriers, who lives a life full of such feats! What enables her to do this, I think, is her unflinching self-confidence. She is who she is and refuses to back down from that. She capitalizes on what makes her different, and makes a difference with that! She is NOT a typical person, and she was not a typical bride. One look at her makeup on her wedding day tells you she is not ashamed of what makes her, her — including her freckles!

I loved the natural beauty Meghan chose to radiate down the aisle of St. Georges’ Chapel. While many are quick to view freckles as something to cover up, Meghan let them remain. I read that her father once told her that “A face without freckles is a night without stars!” (Major dad points, there!) Freckles or not, I loved how natural Meghan’s overall look was. 

A bride should never feel pressured to have her makeup be one particular way on HER wedding day (or EVER, for that matter). While I love the completely made-up, high-glamour bride, I am SO happy to see a welcoming to the other end of the spectrum. At the end of the day, as long as the bride feels like her most beautiful SELF (keyword, there!), her makeup has done its job.

From light coverage to smooth your skin tone or heavy coverage for the more dramatic look, at Luxe Lashes, we love to make our brides feel like their most beautiful selves with the airbrush makeup technique. Click here to book your appointment, today!

Caroline Kalentzos