The Proof Is In The Lash Retention! | Lash Extensions | Luxe Lashes

Arielle Davis, founder and owner of Luxe Lashes in Richmond, Va., shares a few clues to know when you are in good hands, or not!

“The proof is in the pudding, honey.” Have you ever heard that saying, before? Basically, the quality rests in the end result. When it comes to lashes, the proof is in the retention! Lash retention is the final factor when it comes to a lash studio’s worth and reputation. 

You can have all of the fancy decor, sparkling champagne and fun vibes that you want, but at the end of the day, whether or not your clients’ lashes last for their expected amount of time is what matters most. Lash retention is what separates mediocre lash studios from superior lash studios. For Luxe Lashes, my clients invest in superior services that require less visits back in the studio and less maintenance! Below are a few tips to know when you are in good hands, or not!

 1. Adhesive Age

Paying attention to when a batch of adhesive arrives and when the adhesive is opened is SO important. At Luxe Lashes, this is something we track diligently!

2. Over Shaking

If your lash artist gets a little carried away shaking the adhesive prior to application, this could be a red flag! Shaking lets more air into the product which can cause premature aging. 

3. Absolutely NO mascara, liquid or gel liners…

So many clients don’t think twice before putting makeup on their eyes. It’s habit! It is up the the lash artist to reiterate the best lash care when it comes to your lash extensions. Chemicals in these products actually dissolve the adhesive and cause lashes to pop off. They also tend to build up and cause your natural lashes to stick to your extensions…not a pretty site!

4. Only wash with a gentle, water-based cleanser

It is not enough to tell clients not to use an oil-based cleanser. Explaining why helps them see the bigger picture! Oil-based cleansers cause a residual build up on your lash line. This blocks oxygen from getting to the follicle, which then keeps your skin cells from reproducing! This leads to lash loss and eventually could lead to infection! The more your clients know, the more they will want to pay close attention to their lash care!

5. Avoid excessive heat

Yes, beauties. We all love a long hot shower, but let’s be honest…long and lasting lashes are the priority, here! Heat can singe the tips of your lash extensions. When blow drying your hair, try your best to avoid letting the hot air get to your face! 

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to the lash artist to make sure their client knows everything there is to know about lash care. In addition to client care, it is the responsibility of the lash artist and studio to ensure they are doing all they can to keep quality levels high!

Caroline Kalentzos