5 Things Every Lash Artist Wants You To Know!

Looking for the best lash experience? Come prepared with these 5 helpful tips from Luxe Lashes in Richmond, Va.!

Alright, beauties. If you want to maximize your lash application experience, there’s a few things every lash artist wants you to know! Because we want to ensure you get the most out of your experience, we’re sharing 5 Things Every Lash Artist Wants You To Know:

1.) Longer Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Dramatic.

I can’t tell you how many times clients come in saying they want a more dramatic look, and insist upon longer lashes. Dramatic is a relative word, beauties. Be clear on the exact look you’re going for and share that with your lash artist. From there, your lash artist will be able to recommend the best lash length to achieve the actual style you’re looking for! 

Longer lashes can result in a more whispie look, which to some IS dramatic! Shorter lashes can achieve a more bold look, which is its own kind of drama, beauties!

2.) No Caffeine!

Just for that one day, it’s best to forgo your coffee routine. You may not feel wound up, but caffeine has a tendency to make your eyelids twitch! As you can imagine, this can make the lash application process a little more challenging for your lash artist.  

3.) Make-Up + Mascara = Less Lash Time

Always be sure to remove any and all makeup from your lashes. When you don’t, it takes more time for your lash artist to prepare your lashes. This takes away from your allotted lash application time! On top of that — cleaner bonds allow for better retention. Always, always cleanse, brush and dry your lashes before coming in!

4.) Punctual is Beneficial!

Punctuality is mutually beneficial to both you and your lash artist. Running late means less lash time for your appointment. Applying lashes well takes time! Running late puts a little more of a time crunch pressure on your lash artist. The more time she has to carefully apply your lashes, the better results you’ll have!

5.) Pre-booking

For your appointment, pre-booking helps us be as prepared and organized as possible to ensure the best experience for you! Click here to make your appointment, beauties!

At Luxe Lashes, we’re determined to deliver the best results. We want you to be as prepared as possible in order for you to enjoy lashes that will make you Look Good Live Luxe.


Caroline Kalentzos