Lash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts!

Arielle Davis, owner and founder of Luxe Lashes Richmond, Va., shares the difference between Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts!

Nowadays, it’s rare to see a model, celebrity or even a local television personality without noticeably perfect eyelashes. It follows that in every magazine you flip through, the pages are filled with women who have lashes for days! Now, I don’t want any of my beauties thinking God forgot to bless them with this beauty gene. These women are all a part of a mass movement of a beauty routine that makes lash enhancements as essential as brushing your teeth in the morning! From lash extensions to lash lifts + tints, lash enhancement looks like it’s here to stay!

At Luxe Lashes, we’ve received quite a few phone calls asking if we offer lash lifts + tints. We don’t — yet. But any one of my Look Good Live Luxe beauties may be a little more familiar with lash extensions, a service we do offer, than with other trends such as lash lifts + tints. So, I wanted to give you a little breakdown of each! 

First things first though, beauties. At the end of the day, the health and length of your natural lash determines the extent to which any treatment enhances your lashes. 

With synthetic lash extensions, you can have perfectly lashed eyes in a matter of 60 minutes! This involves applying one lash at a time. Because it’s such a tedious process, finding a licensed lash artist to apply them is a must. An initial set price can range from $120-$200, on average, and they have to be filled every 2-3 weeks.

Now lash lifts + tints (also referred to as a lash boost) set the shape of your natural lash shape by using a chemical solution (kind of like a perm!). Biotin and keratin infused solutions protect your lashes to boost volume. Upkeep for this treatment can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks!

If done poorly, lash extensions have been known to damage the natural lash. Similarly, it is possible to over process your natural lashes with a lash lift + tint.  Both processes require licensed professionals. Like any beauty treatment, proper care and maintenance is required to protect your natural lashes!

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Caroline Kalentzos