Announcing: New Lash Membership!

Learn more about Luxe Lashes' New Lash Membership!

I read the more things you automate in your life, the more time you have.

This got me thinking, the more you automate your life, the more you’re able to sustain your desired lifestyle. At Luxe Lashes, beauty is a part of the Look Good Live Luxe lifestyle. We want to make feeling beautiful as effortless as possible — starting with your lashes!

Starting today, we’re offering a new lash membership to replace our current Luxe VIP membership. All too often, I hear women curious about wanting to try lashes, but unsure about managing the upkeep. Our new Lash Membership is a seamless way to incorporate lashes into your lifestyle in an attainable, accessible and affordable way! Here are the details:

Lash Membership Pricing:

Natural — $125 full set
$80 unlimited lashes for the month

Flirty — $150 full set
$100 unlimited lashes for the month

Glam — $175 full set
$115 unlimited lashes for the month

3D Volume — $250 full set
$135 unlimited lashes for the month 

Look Good Live Luxe Lash Membership Terms & Conditions
-Membership fees are non-refundable and will be auto drafted from client’s specified bank
account on the same day of each month upon enrollment. 
-Memberships are transferrable only to other lash membership packages. These changes will  
reflect on your monthly auto draft immediately following.
-Memberships can be cancelled at any time. 
-Membership payments cannot be used as credit towards any other Luxe Lashes services. 

Ask about signing up for our lash membership when you come in for your next appointment! Book here!

Caroline Kalentzos