At Luxe Lashes, We Know What Women Want!

At Luxe Lashes, we're here to help women look and feel beautiful! As Valentino said, "I know what women want. They want to be beautiful!"

A while ago, I shared a Valentino quote on my Instagram @lookgoodliveluxe. It read, “I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.” As a beauty connoisseur, I can totally identify with this. As a professional in the beauty industry, I see this truth acted out each day. As each woman books an appointment, as each woman walks in and out the Luxe Lashes door, she’s closer to feeling how she wants to feel — beautiful!

Oftentimes, there tends to be a little stigma toward the beauty industry. The amount of time and money a person chooses to invest in their beauty routine somehow correlates with how vain he or she is. Because the beauty industry is solely devoted to one’s beauty routine, that assumption is tenfold! Let me tell you how Luxe Lashes sweeps the rug right out from underneath that generalization…

Women want to be beautiful because they were created beautifully! They already are beautiful! Most women have an eye for detail, and know that its the attention to detail that truly makes something the best of the best, a luxury. We’re natural nurturers which means we’re inclined to look at something, anything, and find out what it needs in order to be all that it’s meant to be! At Luxe Lashes, we see our products and services as a means to emphasizing the beauty that’s already there!

Eyelash extensions and microblading amplify the beauty that’s already there. Airbrush makeup brings out a confidence every woman already has inside of her. More often than not, the woman who invests in her beauty routine does so because she knows who she is and knows what she wants — to feel her best, to feel and be as beautiful as she can be both inside and out!

Luxe Lashes is the perfect beauty home for any woman who knows that , “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” Click here to book an appointment, beauties!

Caroline Kalentzos