Meet Our New Lash Artists!

Luxe Lashes is growing! Read more to meet our two new lash artists!

Already, this year has been full of so many exciting things! There’s nothing like seeing your dreams come true, and seeing them grow! Luxe Lashes is growing and I can’t WAIT for you to meet our two new lash artists! Beauty is something I’m so passionate about. When I find women equally as passionate, I HAVE to have them on my team! 

One of our new lash artists, Lauren, actually started out as a client. She was SO excited about getting her lashes done. Ordinarily, clients come in and ask two or three questions about the process. Lauren, on the other hand, was asking the how’s and why’s! She ALWAYS had questions ready for me. One being, “Where can I get training done?” After Esthetician School, she went on to get her master’s degree. I realized this girl was serious! The more I got to know her, the more I learned just how passionate she was about esthetics. We’re SO excited to have Lauren helping with our facial and lash services! 

You may have already seen Shayla, our second new lash artist at our front desk before. She's a Richmond native. She’s lived in Tampa for the last few years and I’m SO glad she’s back. (She was actually in my wedding party!) She comes from a cosmetology background. This girl is a total people person! We’re so excited to have her sassy and spunky personality in the Luxe Lashes studio! If you want lashes done, she’s your girl!

While I love seeing Luxe Lashes grow with new lash artists, I love meeting all of the beauties that make this possible, YOU! Because you love to look good live luxe just as much as we do, Luxe Lashes has become a home for beauties all over Richmond, and for that I’m forever grateful!


Caroline Kalentzos