No Two Lashes Are The Same...

When it comes to lash extensions, the Look Good Live Luxe beauties share why a professional lash artist makes all the difference!

No two eyelashes are the same, beauties. All too often, I have women come in with beautiful, angel hair short eyelashes requesting a Kim K. look. But here’s the thing — she’s Armenian! Some nationalities just have genes for thick black hair running in their blood! Your natural length dictates the length of your eyelash extension. But the beautiful thing about eyelash extensions? They amplify the beauty inherent in YOUR own eyelashes! 

An experienced lash artist is able to create the most natural look for your lashes and will know the exact length and type to incorporate through your lashes. But here’s a few tips to arm yourself with when going in to get your lashes done!

There are three types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk or mink. Lashes also come in a range of thickness. A professional lash artists knows exactly which type to use for YOUR lashes, and what thickness suits your exact lash type. Longer isn’t always better when it comes to the length of your lash extensions. Placing long lashes on top of naturally long lashes tends to get messy in less than a week! Eventually, the extensions will start to point down. Naturally long lashes should be coupled with a fuller lash extension. This amplifies your natural look and makes it more bold! Medium length natural lashes should be coupled with a combination of length and fullness at the same time. For those eyelashes that lean more towards the sparse side, choosing a lash extension with a medium fullness delivers the best results!

Precisely because no two lashes are the same, a lash artists' technique is essential to delivering beautiful results. It's a technique that requires patience, precision, skill and CAUTION. 

At the end of the day, choosing a certified lash artist is the best way to avoid any damage to your natural lash. Always, always ensure your artist is certified, beauties!


Caroline Kalentzos