How to Easily Achieve The Contour Brow of 2019!

Hey, loves! I’ve been looking forward to all the exciting new beauty trends for the new year, and I can’t wait to start seeing them on all my luxury lash clients!

My favorite trend so far: The Contour Brow! Gone are the days of the 90’s thin brows, and the bushy brows of the 80s are back! I love what this new trend does for your beautiful face!


This brow is all about clean edges and a tapered tail. It works to frame your facial features, and contour your natural structure. An accentuated arch contours your face, brightens your eyes, and slims your nose! It’s truly designed to flatter all faces!

You may have already seen this trend on Instagram, with celebrities and beauty bloggers giving tutorials on how to create the perfect brow. Some beauty brands have even created products for you to achieve the look, with powders and brushes made to contour your eyebrows with ease!

If you’re the type of girl who isn’t too handy with a brush, but wants to capture this look for herself, no worries! There’s an even easier way to get the brows you want (without the hassle of filling them in everyday).

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, that is a perfect solution to sparse and thinning eyebrows. The process is great for defining brows, and eliminates the need for brow pencils and powders! A microblading pen is used to create very fine, crisp hair strokes that do not blur after the healing process! (This allows us to construct very natural eyebrows for clients looking to perfect their facial features!) Not only do you cut down on time in your beauty routine, but you save a little money, too! With microblading, you won’t have to  constantly buy more and more products to create your favorite shape each day! (You can view our gallery here!)


The best part? You can change up your shape every 12-18 months. So no need to worry about never staying on trend! We schedule a consultation with every client to determine their best features, and create a custom color, shape, and intensity to match their desired look. (Another perk? There’s absolutely no down time for this service!)

November 2018 - 10.JPG

So whether you love a sleek thin brow, or are looking for something thicker like Cara Delivigne - you can always come in and start creating a luxe look you’re sure to love!

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Caroline Kalentzos