Three Things for a Fabulous, Flawless, Fall!

Hi, BEAUTIES! Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? Fall is in full swing, and I am super excited to get all of you ready for your flawless, fall looks!

Pumpkin patches and apple-picking are great outdoor activities to celebrate the changing season, and you’ll need a look that keeps up with you! 

I’m sharing three things that will make for a fabulous, flawless, fall:

Don’t have time to swipe on mascara? Luxe Lashes has your back! When you come in for an appointment, we will perfect your best features and keep you looking radiant, even in that chilly autumn wind! Our eyelash extensions are undetectable, and individually adhere to your natural lashes! It gives you a natural look and feel, and will last through those scary Halloween movies! The whole process takes less than 2 hours, and will have you back out amongst the fall foliage in no time!


I live for these phenomenal products that will have you feeling just as fabulous as you look! The IT WORKS “Greens on the Go” single serve packets help you take your nutrition with you! With 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods, they’re perfect for a Mommy like me who is always on the go!

Photo Oct 12, 10 56 44 AM.jpg

The IT Works “Cleanser” will help you wash the day away, while still leaving your skin soft and silky smooth! I promise it will keep you feeling super clean on those days spent jumping in piles of leaves! 

Make an appointment with Luxe Lashes today, beauties, and get your fall look with #lashesfordays!

Caroline Kalentzos