A Little Relief...

Luxe Lashes shares a few ways to keep your skin looking good and feeling luxe during the harsh winter weather!

This is the third snow we’ve seen here in Richmond, and while I enjoyed the first one, my skin is ready for winter to go! Snow dries the moisture right out of the air. What does that mean? Chapped skin! During these winter days, taking a little extra care of our skin goes a long way.  

I know there’s nothing better than a steaming hot shower after you come home from the below freezing weather, but if you can limit those hot showers, your skin will thank you! The more we turn up the heat in our cars, our houses, and in our showers, the drier the air becomes. Less moisture in the air means less moisture for our skin! 

When it comes to protecting the skin on our face, I’ve discovered a couple tricks that keep my face from feeling a little too tight and dry for my liking. Finding an oil-based moisturizer can be a life-saver in the winter. (Tip: most night time moisturizing cremes are oil-based. Just because it’s labeled for the evening, doesn’t mean you can’t use it during the day!) 

Another must? Helping your skin to breath with the It Works! Exfoliating Peel, infused with “fruit extracts that strip away dead skins cells, excess oil, and daily debris that clog your pores and age your face.” Freeing your skin of the day’s debris also frees it to absorb and retain more moisture. 

Don’t get me wrong, beauties. You know come summertime, I’ll be complaining about that Virginian humidity. But for today, we’re dealing with the matter at hand: achieving the healthiest skin possible! 


Caroline Kalentzos