A BEAUTY-ful New Brand!

Things may look a little different around here, beauties! Not only do we have a new website, but Luxe Lashes has had an entire brand refresh! What for? Because we want you to Look Good Live Luxe every single day!

This business started out as a personal mission to make women feel beautiful. We’re a two part company. Luxe Lashes provides services such as lash extensions, airbrush makeup and microblading. We sell quality products that can help make you Look Good. But beyond that, we want to provide the education and encouragement you need to Live Luxe. Look Good Live Luxe is a lifestyle. We’re here as a business whose passion is to elevate their clients to a luxe lifestyle. So, shouldn’t our brand reflect that?

We noticed that here in Richmond, there aren’t very many go-to places that go beyond the service. If we want our clients to not only Look Good with Luxe Lashes, but to also Live Luxe, we need to go the extra mile and educate our clients on the “why” behind a service or product. We truly want to be the place you look to for trusted advice! 

When we started to brainstorm on how we wanted to communicate this new brand to you, we wanted to make sure we incorporated the things you love, need, and want! What can you expect? Quality products, luxe services, and health and beauty education from our beauty team! Our new website makes it easier for you to make appointments and browse the products we love. We’re also SO excited to have a place to share our advice on the latest trends right on our blog!

We want to elevate YOUR lifestyle, so we’ve elevated our brand!

We can not thank you all enough for your love and support throughout this process.  Are you ready to look good and live a luxe lifestyle?

Caroline Kalentzos