Why Your Brows Need Microblading!

“Brows could be the best or worst accessory to your face…Choose wisely!” 

Does your morning routine consist of tweezing and shaping? Drawing and filling? Do you spend a good part of your makeup routine on your eyebrows? Trying to achieve the perfectly matched pair?! Do said brows disappear by noon? What if I told you you never had to tweeze by the sweat of your brow again?!

Put away the pencils and brow gels, beauties! We’re SO excited to be offering a service right here in Richmond, VA that will solve all your eyebrow needs: Microblading!

We’re sure you’ve heard about the technique, but let us fill you in on all the Microblading 411 you NEED to know. 

First off, Microblading is NOT the same as tattooing. No needles, beauties! Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure carried out by a hand held tool. Unlike traditional tattooing done by a machine, the technician has control of each “hair” drawn onto the skin. Whereby the machine deposits thick lines that bleed out over time, the technician controls the amount of ink deposited, creating finer, more natural lines.

The first step is a one-on-one consultation between our technician and client. We want our client to come into our studio right here in RVA and describe her perfect brow. Feathery or thin? Arched or soft? From here, we’re able to edit and sketch our client’s new brows on her face, before applying the semi-permanent ink!  No two brows are the same, beauties. This is our FAVORITE part about microblading, it’s entirely CUSTOMIZED! 

Our other favorite thing about microblading? It looks completely natural. No block brows. The beauty experts at Marie Claire Magazine agree, “The manual blade penetrates only the very top layer of the skin. And each ‘hair’ is placed individually to create an extremely natural look…!”

Do you want to see a few before and after pictures?! Check out our gallery here!

So who’s it for? Microblading is for any age, and any woman! Lusting after the glamour of Marilyn Monroe’s perfectly arched brow? Were you envious of the statement brow Brooke Shields flaunted in the 80s? We KNOW Cara Delavigne’s brows are hard to miss! Choose wisely, beauties, and come talk with us in Richmond and we’ll happily get you on your way to ANY of these iconic eyebrows! 

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Xo, the Look Good Live Luxe Beauties