Curious About Contour?

Contour, contour, contour! We're not talking bronzer, beauties! At Luxe Lashes, let us help you contour those curves and help you look and feel your best in 45 minutes! 

As I started writing this post, my goal was to break down the Body Contouring process for all my beauties who I know have questions! I started thinking about the Ultimate Body Applicator we use here at Luxe Lash, and realized just how much It Works products have been my saving grace when it came to my pregnancy. 

I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that yes, along with the scary reality of giving birth to a breathing human being and the responsibility of raising a baby girl to be a beautiful woman, worries about how my body would change after my pregnancy were right up there! When I first experienced the promise of IT Works through their Stretch Mark Moisturizing Cream, I had to try more of their products. Next product? The IT Works Ultimate Body Applicator.

When you type in “body contour” in Google search, the first line that comes up is, “Body contouring is a procedure that alters the shape of the body.” How scary is that?! I’m here to tell you there is another way! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a body wrap we use. It’s a non-woven cloth wrap, “infused with a powerful, botanically based cream formula that delivers tightening, toning, and firming results wherever you beed them most!” 

After I was pregnant, I wasn’t looking for drastic results! My skin was a little less firm than it once was. I ate well and exercised, but still, I needed something to tighten things a bit! (Without the scalpel!) As our bodies change, you do begin to notice things feeling a little differently! Suddenly, it does get harder to maintain that flat tummy! Our arms don’t hold on to that sculpt we once had so effortlessly! I don’t know about you, but I started feeling more bloated in my early twenties! The Ultimate Body Applicator helps with every single one of these realities. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s affordable. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know an entire product line that removes all of the guess-work. 

Stop by the Luxe Lashes studio and one of our beauties would LOVE to help you feel your very best in just 45 minutes!

Xo, the Look Good Live Luxe Beauties

Caroline Kalentzos