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At Luxe Lashes, we want our beauties feeling good on the inside and the outside. That's why we LOVE It Works, our go-to for looking good and living luxe!

When I was pregnant, I was afraid of my body changing, particularly my skin. Wary of all of the “magical cream” claims, I wasn’t sure where to begin! “You can’t ALL be THE magical cream…that’s physically impossible!,” I thought. Until I found the IT Works products.

I don’t want my beauties to ever feel overwhelmed. Or at least, my hope is to help make your lives a little less stressed! In the world we live in, there is an abundance of product out there, especially beauty and health products! Even for a professional beautician, I get overwhelmed with all of the choices! How many times have you walked into a store to buy a certain product, saw all of the options, and then left empty-handed? Have you ever bought your product based on the packaging and hoped for the best? Or maybe you chose the most expensive product, expecting the best! Any of this sound familiar? 

At Luxe Lashes, our passion is to help our beauties make looking good and living luxe accessible. Your beauty and health journey is our FIRST priority. We are here to encourage and support you in becoming your most beautiful self, both on the inside and the outside! For this, we look to IT Works.

When I tried the IT Works Stretch Mark Moisturizing Body Cream, I couldn’t believe the results. The product promises to enhance skin elasticity, balance skin tone with nourishing botanicals, rejuvenate and hydrate in a non-greasy formula, and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. I put this on diligently throughout my entire pregnancy and, beauties, it works! (I still show off to my friends my absence of stretch marks, post-pregnancy!) IT Works kept its promise with their Stretch Mark Body Cream, so I had to learn and try more.

As I said, we’re ALL ABOUT looking good and living luxe on the inside and outside, and so is IT Works. From their Greens Blend and their Probiotic, to their Toner and their Wipe Out Wrinkles wipes — they’re entire product line works. 

The entire culture here at Luxe Lashes hinges on how we make our beauties feel. We WANT to be your go-to when it comes to all things beauty and health related. We value knowing what truly works, and know you do too!  

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Xo, the Look Good Live Luxe Beauties

Caroline Kalentzos